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What is a Credit Score? Kal Penn Explains | Mashable

Everyone’s heard of a credit score, but what goes into your personal number may surprise you.

Featuring: Kal Penn, Beth Stelling, Kevin Barnett

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Checking your credit report doesn’t have to be scary. Check yours online for free and get expert help, if you need it.


Capitol One Quicksilver Mastercard credit card review. Bad/ Rebuilding credit

Capital One Quicksilver credit card has the best benefits for a person who is building or rebuilding credit.

Video for free credit scores, explaining Credit Karma and Credit Sesame.

Video for option to be APPROVED after credit card denial

Video on impact credit card utilization can have on your credit score

How many points my score went up after getting this card

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Knowing Your Mastercard Credit Card

Almost everyone is well familiar with the vast advantages of using mastercards as they are the only source of finance when you run out of cash.

However applying for one can also be troublesome as you will have different credit cards to choose from and that too offered by a number of companies. One of the best ways to apply for mastercard in US is by searching and applying online for your mastercard.

Applying for Mastercards

When you choose to apply for US mastercards it can also be very beneficial as they are accepted throughout the world.

However there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you apply for mastercard in United States as you should know things like the different incentive programs like discounts on gas, frequent flyer miles, cash back and also from whom is the credit card for like for a business or a student.

Apart from this you should also do some personal research about the rules and regulations associated with applying for mastercards including the introductory APR, the regular APR, the time period of introductory, balance transfer, annual fees and the late charges and also the type of credit card that you will need.

In addition to this also make sure that you compare different credit cards and when doing so you should compare the introductory APR period, the introductory APR, regular APR, balance transfer, annual fee and also as questions about credit standing for the particular card.

The introductory APR rates are basically the marketing tools which are used by credit card companies in order to help you apply for mastercard.

However after a period of time this introductory period expired and you will be still using the mastercard with high percentage rates. This means that the mastercard offering company will be able to make more out of your balance. Therefore it is important to know about your introductory rates and the time period of the rates.

Before you Apply for Mastercard

Apart from this you will also need to find out about the standard APR after the introductory expires. Most often the standards APR is generally in different percentage points higher compared to introductory rates and this can have a huge impact on the interest accrued.

You should also be aware about the regular APR for your mastercard which would be set up after the introductory period. This is actually important to find out as most often the Mastercard companies advertiser a low APR to start with but they counter it with a considerably higher one.

Additionally there are also your annual fees for the mastercard that you should know about. This is simply because there are a few credit cards which do not require annual fees and it would be a good decision to apply for mastercards that do not make you pay $ 50 or more every year just to carry the card.

There are a good number of credit cards including different Mastercards which offer you low interest rates and can be a good reason to apply for one to meet you instant cash needs.

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