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Renting versus buying a home

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How to buy your first house in 12 important steps. This clear, fast-paced video outlines how to get the best house for the lowest price.

This video summarizes the steps to buying your first home. In the future we will be adding videos that provide more details of each step:

Step 1: Credit Report and Credit Score

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What is A Second Mortgage –

2nd Mortgages are approved based on equity, not credit and can be used to pay out a variety of things. Struggling with debt? Turnedaway can help you! – We Get Mortgages Approved!
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Lodore Falls

Check out these charge cards photos:

Lodore Falls
bank cards
Image by Museum of Photographic Arts Collections
Title: Lodore Falls
Singer: William Ferguson
Musician Bio: Uk, active belated nineteenth century
Production Date: c. 1879
Process: Cabinet card
Personal line of credit: Gift of Stephen White
Accession Number: 1983.073.010


3 Ways Experian Small Business Credit Services Can Boost Your Profit

Did you know you can take advantage of several Experian small business credit services that can boost your profit? When you think of a credit reporting agency, you probably never thought their small business credit services went beyond providing the credit history of your customers.

However, Experian small business credit services can actually, protect your business from fraud, enhance your own business credit, and help you find more customers.

1. Reduce Consumer Credit Risk:

In todays economy, it’s important to be able to look beyond the credit score of a consumer or business you plan to extend credit to. Experian small business credit services allows you to get a complete picture of the financial health of any business.

Experian offers a service called Profile Plus. This service enables you to obtain in-depth analysis and information to help you make a smart decisions when issuing credit.

Two additional Experian services: Business Credit Advantage and Supplier Check Reports, will help you monitor the credit and business activities of vendors, partners, and sub-contractors.

You will be alerted when unusual credit activity is reported on any business your closely associated with and helps you avoid being taken by surprise by any associated business failure.

If you have to collect on past due accounts, Experian provides a service called Collection Advantage. Collection Advantage provides 24-7 skip tracing data. You get updated addresses, phone numbers reported on credit inquires, and personal data to help you reach the debtor.

2. Manage Your Business Credit:

The credit score of your business is vital for obtaining capital, future contracts, and can even impact the price you pay for insurance or your rate of interest on a loan.

A business report on your credit will go beyond the information on your personal credit report, and will include details on the business debt, officers of the business, public records, and past transactions.

Suppliers typically merge your personal credit report, and small business credit report, to make a decision to extend you credit terms. Therefore, the success of your business depends on your ability to maintain, or even enhance your small business credit rating.

Experian makes it easy for you to monitor or enhance your own small business credit with the Business Credit Advantage service. This subscription service which we previously discussed as a way to reduce credit risks with potential customers will also provide you:

– Unlimited access to your own small business credit score and report.
– The ability to automatically track any changes to any line of credit you have for your small business.
– Instant alerts by email of recent activity or inquires on your small business credit profile.

3. Quality Sales Leads and Marketing Services:

Experian small business credit services maintains an active, updated list of 110 million households and over 14 million businesses. Without having to register or sign up for any credit services, your able to immediately download a targeted list of potential customers.

From the Experian small business credit site, you can use demographic, geographic, financial, and personal interest of a potential customer to customize your own marketing contact list.

The site will provide you a total number of customers that fall into your selected criteria, and the total cost for the list. If the list meets your standards, just add it to a shopping cart, and have it downloaded instantly to your computer.

Experian can also provide you a market study for your area. You can learn what consumers in a select area buy, the brands they choose, and their opinions and attitude statements on health, shopping, travel, finance, or technology.

Shawn Casey Teaches New And Current Business Owners The Importance Of Containing A Positive Business Credit Profile Through A Reporting Bureau Such As Experian Small Business Credit Services On His Blog All About Business Credit Topics.

Nice Charge Card Interest photos

Discover these bank card interest pictures:

Image from page 54 of “History of United states textiles : with kindred and additional sectors (illustrated)” (1922)
charge card rate of interest
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: historyofamerica1922bost
Title: History of American fabrics : with kindred and additional companies (illustrated)
12 Months: 1922 (1920s)
Subjects: Textile industry — Usa Textile textiles — United States Of America
Publisher: Boston : Frank P. Bennett
Adding Library: Claire T. Carney Library, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Digitizing Sponsor: Claire T. Carney Library, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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Text Appearing Before Image:
s, before it gets the cashor the income it offers expended for natural cottonto be carded, spun, woven,and completed,thereafter to-be offered available on the market byits ow^n attempting to sell agency and offered to a jobberor a cutter on a credit foundation. The fact few production firmshave sufficient money to invest in the directselling of their output has actually fostered the de-velopment of huge payment housssknow^n as facets. In a certain feeling a these advances of money from the shippedmerchandise. Through beneficial bankconnections, a banker, a specialist in finance,sales, and salesmen of cotton goods, thefactor obtains their money at a wholesale ratesomething under that which he charges themil! and this gain, as a result of their trans-actions of credit, comprises a considerablepart of their revenue. In most cases thefactor will provide business with storagefacilities, a sales area, and an energetic sell-ing staff, which offers the mills merchandisein all of the markets of this nation. His sales-

Text Appearing After-image:
View of Lawrence, iviass., S.nowing in Background Duck Mill, Pemberton, Bay State and Pacific Mills element is definitely a commercial banker. Thefactor undertakes to offer these products of themills, because he could be financially capable carrylarge stocks of merchandise, or if he prefersthat the mill carry the merchandise, he ad-vances the funds for this function. The most common connection between your factor andthe mill can be as follows: straight away afterthe mill has made a shipment of merchan-dise, it may draw against the element a sumrepresenting a previously agreed percentageof the value associated with delivery. This advanceis often about two-thirds of sellingvalue for the goods. The aspect chargesthe mill interest on current rate for males report the trade problems and thetrend of general public demand, and also the mill keepsin close touch using its aspect to master whatgoods are many lucrative to manufacturebecause of a ready demand. The sellingprices of this merchandise are fixed by themill so when quickly because the g

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Equifax Gets Sued | Ordinary Customer Sues Equifax Credit Bureau

Equifax Gets Sued –
A federal jury in Oregon awarded .6 million to a woman who spent two years unsuccessfully trying to get Equifax Information Services to fix major mistakes on her credit report.
Equifax Credit Bureau
Julie Miller of Marion County was awarded .4 million in punitive damages and 0,000 in compensatory damages, though Friday’s award against one of the nation’s major credit bureaus is likely to be appealed,
Equifax Gets Sued – Equifax Credit Bureau
The jury was told she contacted Equifax eight times between 2009 and 2011 in an effort to correct inaccuracies, including erroneous accounts and collection attempts, as well as a wrong Social Security number and birthday. Her lawsuit alleged the Atlanta-based company failed to correct the mistakes.

Equifax Gets Sued – Equifax Credit Bureau
“There was damage to her reputation, a breach of her privacy and the lost opportunity to seek credit,” said Justin Baxter, a Portland attorney who worked on the case with his father and law partner, Michael Baxter. “She has a brother who is disabled and who can’t get credit on his own, and she wasn’t able to help him.”

Tim Klein, an Equifax spokesman, declined to comment on specifics of the case, saying he didn’t have any details about the decision from the Oregon Federal District Court.

Miller discovered the problem when she was denied credit by a bank in early December 2009. She alerted Equifax and filled out multiple forms faxed by the credit agency seeking updated information. She had found similar mistakes in her reports with other credit bureaus, Baxter said, but those companies corrected their errors.
Equifax Gets Sued
A Federal Trade Commission study earlier this year of 1,001 consumers who reviewed 2,968 of their credit reports found 21 percent contained errors. The survey found that 5 percent of the errors represented issues that would lead consumers to be denied credit.
Equifax Gets Sued – Visit to get more information on how to legally dispute credit errors!
Equifax Credit Bureau
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