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Understanding Car insurance – What you need to know 101

Understanding Car insurance - What you need to know 101

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Learn auto insurance quickly. Save $ $
My background in insurance: Licensed in over 35+ states, I’ve been an insurance agent for 5+ years and am currently in the top 5% sales with the 3rd largest insurance company in the U.S. I have personally helped over 5,000 people buy insurance in auto alone.

I am going to show you what coverages you should be asking for from your insurance agent.
Most common coverages used:
Starters: BI 25/50 PD 50 UMBI 25/50 UMPD 10 (depending on value of veh) Medical payments 5,000

Middle coverage: BI 50/100 PD 50 or 100 (check price diff) UMBI 50/100 UMPD (value of veh) Medical Payments 5,000.

Average home owner coverage: BI 100/300 PD 100 UMBI 100/300 UMPD (value of veh) Medical Payments 5,000, road service/towing, Rental car (if requested)

If your vehicle is valuable then full coverage: Comprehensive and Collision. I use deductibles of 250(comprehensive) and 500 (collision). If the cost of these coverages are more than what the value of the vehicle is in a 3 year period you may want to evaluate if it’s still worth keeping.

Remember, it’s a risk. How much risk do you want to take?

States with mandatory PIP coverage
• Arkansas
• Delaware
• Florida
• Hawaii
• Kansas
• Kentucky
• Maryland (unless a waiver is signed at initial purchase of the policy)
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• Minnesota
• New Jersey
• New York
• North Dakota
• Oregon
• Pennsylvania
• Utah
Certain states require insurance companies to offer PIP coverage, but allow the insured to reject it in writing:
• Washington[5] Once you reject the coverage it stays that way until you request it be added or start a new policy.
• Texas

PIP Source:


Cool Auto Loans images

Check out these auto loans images:

Image from page 611 of “Washington (District of Columbia), city directory” (1921)
auto loans
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: washingtondistri00unse
Title: Washington (District of Columbia), city directory
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Publisher: Polk
Contributing Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
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s nw Emma J baker 537-38 Center Mkt hl242 Fla av ne Herman C r722 10th se John C baker hi. 1242 Fla av ne Josephine maid 1500 N H av nw Lemuel F inspr h21a Todd pi ne The apts 1242 Fla av neEwalt Adam S collr Walker-Thomas Furn Co h626 I noEwell, see also Euell Geo h2004 E nw Geo plmbr rl309 Rlggs nw Guy S auto mech h500 Va av se Harrison li65 Sea ton pi nw John lab rll9 Canal sw Kate (wid Thos) char dept agr hll9 Canal sw Mary C elk cen o r909 44th ne Robt r230 C nw Robt E police Zoo r611 R I av nw Saml H sk hlpr bu ptg r209% Elm nw W Llnwood opr Wash Times hl916 I nwEwen, seo also Ewih Jas E elk treas rl909 Pa av nw Wilhemina G B sr head war risk r Union Sta Plaza Muddiman & Co. Electric Fixtures and Lamps 616 12th and 1204 G, N. W.Telephone M 140 ARTHURP. G R E E L E Y ATTORNEY and Counselorin Patents and Trade-Mark Causes Formerly As-sistant Commis-sioner of Patents Washington Loan and Trust Bldg. ADJ UR IA EA N I N JUR ADJURIA Incorporated 729 Fifteenth St. N. W. WashJ.C. 636

Text Appearing After Image:
TRADE-MARKS and COPYRIGHTS VICTOR J. EVANS & CO. PATENT ATTORNEYSVictor Building 724-726 9th St., N. W. 1! BRADFORDS DETECTIVE SERVICE SouthernBldg. Tel.Franklin6700 ESTABUSHED 36 YEARS Ewers Barton mgr h629 Keefer pi nw Barton M elk M76 U ne Charlotte elk cen o rll43 10th nw Ernest M solr hll43 10th nw Fredk H slsmn J Rudden h629 Keefer nw Geo H auto mech r918 H ne Grace T (wld John T) r46 B sw Ira L elk E H Duff r629 Keefer pi nw Harvey J chauf r46 B sw Roy elk r529 Quincy nwEwig Robt J slsmn h3215 Central av neEwln, see also Ewen Horace E elk hl018 S C av se Jas jr rl821 Newton nw Wm rl018 S C av se Wm E carp h827 7th swEwing Alex chauf rlll3 17th nw Angelica rl28 A ne Anna elk rl207 Girard nw Edna Ruth elk war risk rl727 P nw Effie dom rl408 10th nw Elbert W R counsel dept int res Ballston Va Eliz C Mrs supvr war risk r41, 1701 Oregon av nw Elmon J (Standard Engineering Co) res Alexandria Va Emma (wid Wm) r24 L nw Ethel E r24 L nw Etta A typist treas rl3 2d ne EWING E W R, Att

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

Image from page 734 of “San Diego City and County Directory – 1921” (1921)
auto loans
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: sandiegocityco2100unkn
Title: San Diego City and County Directory – 1921
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: San Diego Directory Co.
Subjects: San Diego City and County residents and businesses
Publisher: San Diego Directory Co.
Contributing Library: San Diego Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Balboa Park Online Collaborative

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Text Appearing Before Image:
a Frank (Caroline) (Osuna & Ramirez), h 2019 Moore.Osuna Porfidia S, lab City Operating Dept, r 623 Union.Osuna Serapia, h 292 5^4 National av.Osuna Trinidad, r 1253 State.Osuna Vicente, lab, r 272 4 Congress, N S D. Osuna & Ramirez (Frank Osuna, Peter Ramirez) cigars, 847 W Market.Osuyos Basilio F (Cornelia), cabt mkr Cal Wood Mfg Co, h 4003 Iowa.Oswald Kenneth, elk H E Montague, r Taylor nr bridge, N S D.Oswell Jackson (Clara), auto repr, h 2030 Albatross.Othick Chas J (Myrtle), mach, h 2964 Logan av.Otis August, carp, r 2948 Main.OTIS ELEVATOR CO, Wnj. Lewis Local Agent, Passenger and Freight Elevators, 224 Timken Bldg, 861, 6th, Tel Main 368. For Night and Sunday Calls, Hillcrest 2592-J.Otis Fannie G, bkpr U S Grant Hotel, r 3255, 2d.Otis Geo A (Margt K), slsmn, h 2948 Main.Otis Gertrude, elk Whitney & Co, r 2526 Horton av.Otis Harrison G (Adele V), h 3255, 2d.Otis Harrison G jr, r 3255, 2d. Ghas, N.Woodwortli REALESTATE LOANS InsuranceRanchesHomes 932 SeventhMain 1254

Text Appearing After Image:

Note About Images
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Home Mortgage Loan – An Overview

Gathering information about the structure and terminology of a home mortgage loan will assist in the decisions regarding obtaining such a loan. Here is a basic primer level outline of the subject.

A home mortgage loan is usually the largest financial transaction that most individuals will accomplish during their lifetime. Yet, it is often true that the details are not seen as part of the larger picture, but only as a matter of how much the monthly payment will be and how large the down payment must be to get the house that is desired. An understanding of exactly what a home mortgage loan is and how it works is helpful in making the up front decisions that will have such an enormous impact on the financial health during the next few years or even for a lifetime.


The borrower should understand terms that will describe the type of loan, the fees that apply and the cost of the money use when obtaining a home mortgage loan. A good start for understanding definitions is to review the length of the loan, or its term; the rate of interest; and the type of loan such as adjustable rate mortgage or fixed rate mortgage. In addition, a basic understanding of the type of fees and costs that can be included in the cost of the loan is helpful. These can be referred to as closing costs.


The term that you choose when applying for a home mortgage loan is the length of time that you must make payments before the principal on the loan is paid off. The most common terms are 30 years–360 months–and 15 years, although loans of 12 years, 20 years, 25 years, 40 years and even 50 years are somewhat available. It is important to remember that even if you choose a 30 year term so that your monthly payment will be less, you can add extra payments to the principal each month and save yourself thousands of dollars over the term of the loan.


Interest rates are the largest single component of any home mortgage loan–in most cases, even greater than the principal of the loan. The interest rate you will be charged depends on many factors such as the credit score, the size of the loan, the type of mortgage such as fixed rate or adjustable rate, and the term of the mortgage loan. Sometimes loan brokers will charge different rates even when all other factors are equal. This is due to the costs incurred that apply only to the lender or brokers’ fees

Closing costs

A final important feature of a home mortgage loan is that of the closing costs. The closing costs can be made up of various costs, including, but not limited to, points, loan origination fees, document preparation fees, title search, title insurance, and appraisal fees. Review these various closing costs to make sure you understand them and question any that seem excessive or frivolous. Closing costs that are rolled into the loan balance can result in huge increases in the cost of the loan itself. If at all possible, cover such expenses with cash, rather than having interest charges accruing to them over the term of the loan.

Use the web site found at for a wealth of timely and interesting information about various types of loans, including a Home Mortgage Loan or Home Mortgage.

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Monkeynomics 101: Debt Management and Bankruptcy

Before we can worry about investing, we need to free your income, so today’s lesson is about debt management, and extreme solutions such as filing bankruptcy.

ANDEX Chart (Morningstar)

Average American Debts

Student Loans: ,264 APR 5%

Interest rates

Credit Card Debt: ,611 APR 14.9%

Credit Card Usage

Auto Loan Debt ,000 APR 4.31%

Mortgage Debt: 5,192 APR 3.8%

Average 401K Balance 1,650

The Average 401k Balance By Age

Dave Ramsey

Terrance Popp: “Deadbeat Dad Dilemma”

Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy FAQ:

Song: “William Tell Overture” by Rossini. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.
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Sarah Beenys How To Sell Your Home | Season 1 Episode 1 | Full Episode

Sarah Beeny meets the pioneering homeowners ditching traditional estate agents as they try to sell their homes online

episode 1
In East Sussex, Terri Measures can no longer afford the upkeep of her listed country cottage and must sell after her recent divorce. In Nottingham, Sarah meets the Watsons, who bought their four bed semi in a bidding war five years ago, and now facing selling at a loss. Both families are desperate to sell and need every penny they can get. After all the racing home from the school run to show potential buyers round their beloved home, were they right to turn their backs on the high street professionals and sell online?

Sarah Beenys How To Sell Your Home | Season 1 Episode 1 | Full Episode
Sarah Beenys How To Sell Your Home | Season 1 Episode 1 | Full Episode
Sarah Beenys How To Sell Your Home | Season 1 Episode 1 | Full Episode
Video Rating: / 5

I know this video is totally different than what you are used to, but I hope you find these tips helpful and start selling some items from your closet 🙂 Love you guys!
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