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Helga Rome’s Passport
Image by JWA Commons
"After Kristallnacht, my grandmother went to Brazil and then we sponsored her to come here. It was difficult at the beginning for me. School was difficult, language was hard. But we graduated at 16. My father had problems with the language. My grandmother was more educated then any of us. She went to boarding school – fluent in English and French."

Collection of The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford

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Image from page 625 of “The Wheel and cycling trade review” (1888)

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Image from page 625 of “The Wheel and cycling trade review” (1888)
identity thieves
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: wheelcyclingtrad11241newy
Title: The Wheel and cycling trade review
Year: 1888 (1880s)
Subjects: Cycling Bicycles Cyclists
Publisher: New York : Wheel and Cycling Trade Review
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries

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o injured. There is a prospect that, within a fewmonths, the San Francisco Bicycle Club willjoin the Olympic Athletic Club in a body andthat, while preserving its identity as a bicycleclub, it will form an annex to the Olympic. The Union Co. Roadsters, of Rahway, N. J.,will for the sixth time hold a race meet on theirquarter mile track on July 4. Five open eventsare listed. The prize in the mile handicap is a5 racing wheel, especially built. Goldwatches and diamond rings are also on theprize list. There are thirty-three bicycle manufacturersin Coventry. At the Huddersfield meeting, May 11, J. W.Beaumont won the twenty mile handicap fromscratch in 59m. 45s. Beaumont finished outthe time and covered 20 miles 155 yards. The Tourist Wheelmen, of Omaha, openedtheir new house at 2O06 California Street, onMay 27, with a smoker and supper. All theneighboring clubs were represented, and thefestivities made the neighborhood ring withlaughter and song until an early hour. DOUBTFUL GENEROSITY.

Text Appearing After Image:
Uncle Reuben-it to the pigs. AN ACTUAL OCCURENCE.- Have some more of this buttermilk, boys. We dont drink it ourselves. We feed i893- 29 THE CYCLE THIEF IN CHICAGO. UNUSUAL EFFORTS MAKING TO SUPPRESS HIM-NEGRO CYCLISTS TO BUILD A CLUB-HOUSE. Chicago, June 12, 1S93.The life of the cycle thief has long sinceceased to be a bed of roses in this city. ChiefMcClaughry, at the earnest solicitation of Mr.J. O. Blake, has detailed one of the city detec-tives, Zies by name, to report to Mr. Blakeevery morning and devote his entire time tothe recovery of stolen wheels and the detectionof the thieves. Mr. Blake is treasurer of theCycle Board of Trade of this city and is chair-man of its Bureau of Detection. Mr. C. R.Francis is the attorney of the Board of Trade.Since Detective Zies was detailed on thehunt, from one to four stolen wheels have beenrecovered almost every day, and what is better,the thieves have been placed behind the bars.Several so-called fences are being carefullywatched and will

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Image from page 1225 of “Moving Picture News (1911)” (1911)
identity thieves
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: movingpicturenew04unse
Title: Moving Picture News (1911)
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Subjects: motion pictures
Publisher: Cinematograph Publishing Company
Contributing Library: Library of Congress, MBRS, Moving Image Section
Digitizing Sponsor: Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division

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Text Appearing Before Image:
with exceptionally piercing eyes. Hiswatchfulness is finally rewarded when hesees the Frenchman put under hypnoticpower the young woman who is engagedto marry the son and heir of the Van Ostenmillions. The detective hears the exphcitinstructions given to the young woman totake the famous Van Osten jewels fromtheir hiding place and bring them to him.Under the hypnotic power, the youngwoman obeys the command and is seenhanding them to the Frenchman by herfiance. Thinking that his sweetheart is inleague v/ith the man, he obtains the jewelsand permits suspicion to fall upon him-self. All ends happily when the detectivesteps forth and arrests his man, compellinghim first of all to release the woman fromthe hypnotic spell. AT DAISY FARMYankee Release, November 3 Mrs. Burridge, a widow, satisfied thather husband has died while in the U. S.Army service, marries an honest old far-mer, Andrew Armstrong, who ^gives herand her son a pleasant home. To supplyhis stepson with lironey the old man is

Text Appearing After Image:
compelled to mortgage his home. Whilehe has the money in his possession he isaccosted by an old tramp who claims tobe his wifes first husband and to keep thetramp from revealing the secret he handshim the money he has received from themortgage. This transaction is witnessed byhis stepson, who robs the old tramp andthrows him over a cliff. Captain Craven, an ex-army officer whois spending his vacation in the town, savesKate, the stepsons fiancee, from drowningand falls in love with her. In visiting Kateat her home he finds the tramp, who hasrecovered from the fall over the cliff, pro-claiming himself as the husband of thepresent Mrs. Armstrong. He recognizesthe tramp as Keets, a deserter of the U. S.Army, and denounces him. The old trampthen confesses his identity and upon see- THE MOVING PICTURE NEWS 33 ing the stepson upon the scene, he accuseshim of hax ing robbed him and thrown himfrom the chtf. Kate, upon hearing that herfiance is a thief, breaks her engagement andaccepts the atte

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