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Longview Fiber Mill regarding Columbia River. Longview could be the house associated with the Weyer-Hauser business, one of many premier Forest Operations in the World 04/1973

A couple of good purchase house photos i came across:

Longview Fiber Mill on Columbia River. Longview may be the Home of Weyer-Hauser business, one of several Largest woodland Operations worldwide 04/1973
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Image by The U.S. Nationwide Archives
First Caption: Longview Fiber Mill on the Columbia River. Longview Is the Home for the Weyer-Hauser business, among premier Forest Operations on earth 04/1973

U.S. Nationwide Archives’ Local Identifier: 412-DA-5581

Photographer: Falconer, David

Environmental Coverage Agency

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Repository: Nonetheless photo registers part, Special Media Archives solutions Division (NWCS-S), nationwide Archives at university Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD, 20740-6001.

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Image from page 206 of “United states ornithology when it comes to home and school” (1901)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: americanornithol11901reed
Title: US ornithology when it comes to residence and school
Year: 1901 (1900s)
Authors: Reed, Chester A. (Chester Albert), 1876-1912
Topics: Birds
Publisher: Worcester, Mass. : C.K. Reed
Adding Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries

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■a-u-ii-u-a-<»-a-u-cA-i*-u-{*-a-< ci=»ncH<Ci»ciHHcincnnn=j3B=- Vol. I. September, IDOl. JVo, 9 AMERICAN OSTRICH FARMS. a lot of Os- almost triches, the descendents ofAfrican imports, are vege-tating in CaHfornia and Ar-izona as of this writing. Apair of the animals havebeen understood in Californiato hatch thirty-seven chicksin one-year; a quick reflec-tion upon these numbers with-out a lively imagination willin an extremely short period of time showlarge potential earnings inthe tradition of this AmericanOstrich; experience, thebest teacher, reveals thatthis rate cannot by anymeans be depended upon,but that different localitieseven in identical districtaffect very seriously thehealth for this odd spec-imen of this bird creation.Cold winds in addition to wantof green meals tend to be fatalto the Ostrich youthful; eventhe embryo just isn’t free from

Text Appearing After Image:
the CORRESPONDENT. i6o UNITED STATES ORNITHOLOGY. risk of destruction by the parent, either brought on by fright from the part ofthe hen Ostrich, leading to breaking the eggs whilst in the nest, or bythe irregular desire for food of male, who will in some cases get a habitof eating the new laid eggs of his partner. The Ostrich industry has actually al-ready acquired proportions of adequate size to interest capital; and todaynot a single Ostrich can be purchased for love or cash uncontrolled by thecompetitive demand for this Ostrich trust. For reasons of revenue mostof the Ostrich farms of The united states tend to be influenced by the object of interestwhich these odd bipeds tend to be to your tourists through the north; just who annual-ly visitthe hotter climates of this country, where just can the AfricanOstrich thrive. Exhibitions are made of the birds at Northern expositions,but these exhibits tend to be by no means Ostrich farms into the real feeling of that

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[Display of home-canned food] (LOC)
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Image by The Library of Congress
[Display of home-canned food]

[between 1941 and 1945]

1 transparency : color.

existing, corrected title created by Library staff from information supplied by the source: Flickr Commons project, 2008.
Original subject from FSA or OWI agency caption: Unidentified piles of home-canned food.
Photo shows containers of yellow squash, peas, beets, and other veggies. For notes distinguishing specific jars, look at backup of picture in Flickr
Transfer from U.S. Office of War Suggestions, 1944.

World War, 1939-1945
Canning & protecting
United States Of America

Format: Transparencies–Color

Rights Info: No known limitations on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

Section of: Farm protection management – company of War Information range 12002-70 (DLC) 93845501

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Call Number: LC-USW36-949


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Nice American Express photos

Check out these american express images:

Image from page 175 of “Bell telephone magazine” (1922)
american express
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: belltelephone7273mag00amerrich
Title: Bell telephone magazine
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: American Telephone and Telegraph Company American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Information Dept
Subjects: Telephone
Publisher: [New York, American Telephone and Telegraph Co., etc.]
Contributing Library: Prelinger Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ommunications back to nor-mal for their neighbors. How could these employees con-tinue to function when tragedy hitat them so directly? Almost withoutexception each expressed a thank-fulness that their loved ones weresafe and said they felt a sense ofobligation to help do the thing theywere best qualified at doing to helpreduce the suffering of others. Telephone Pioneer Chaptersacross the country set up a specialdisaster relief fund to aid telephoneemployees who were victims of thefloods. In addition, Western Elec-tric, through its WE Fund, respond-ed immediately to the flood disasterby donating funds totaling 5,-000 to over a dozen Red Cross Cen-ters in Washington-Virginia, Balti-more, Pennsylvania and upper NewYork State. Yes, June, 1972, will long five inthe memories of telephone peopleas a disaster month almost withoutequal. And for those who had a di-rect and personal role to play, it wasa time to see at first-hand Bell Sys-tem teamwork in action … a trulyinspiring sight. 26

Text Appearing After Image:
MAKING THE MOST OF THE MACHINE A report on thegrowing role ofcomputers(and those whocare for andfeed them) inengineeringthe worldsbiggest, mostcomplex andcontemporarybusinessenterprise. Some years ago, when AT&Tsshare owner records were first beingcommitted to computer form, onelarge machine room at Varick Streetin New York had a small, glass-doored box attached prominently toa central pillar. Next to its littlechained hammer was the instruc-tion: IN CASE OF EMERGENCYBREAK GLASS. Inside the box wasan abacus. Such touches of wry humor oc-casionally surface among the fra-ternity who program, operate anduse the output of that ubiquitoushandmaiden of science and indus-try, the digital computer and its nu-merous progeny. The humor doesnot derive from any fear that themachine is likely to go beserk orsimply break down; it is merely areminder, from its operators to them-selves, that they are in charge, andthat the intelligence that wouldmake the most of the machineshould match, in its ow

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Operation Windmill Expedition Members Unloading Equipment
american express
Image by Smithsonian Institution
Author: Unknown

Subject: Operation Windmill

Type: Photographic print
    Group, candid

Date: 1947

Topic: Research expeditions
     Scientific expeditions
     Icebreakers (Ships)

Standard number: SIA2010-0648

Physical description: Number of Images: 1 Color: Black and White; Size: 10w x 8h; Type of Image: Group, Candid; Exterior; Medium: Photographic print

Notes: Image located in Robert B. Klaverkamp’s collection. Klaverkamp, an enlisted Naval Correspondent, participated in Operation Windmill. Malcolm Davis, zookeeper at the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park, was also on the expedition and was assigned to the Icebreaker USS Edisto (AG-89) with the express purpose of collecting penguins, other birds, and leopard seals

Summary: Image expedition members from Operation Windmill in Antarctica, unloading equipment for their work. A sled can be seen on the ice and a motorized sled with tread is being placed on the ice with a crane connected to either the Icebreaker the USS Burton Island (AG-88) or the USS Edisto (AG-89). Operation Windmill (1947-1948) was an expedition established by the Chief of Naval Operations to train personnel, test equipment, and reaffirm American interests in Antarctica

Place: Antarctica

Persistent URL:Link to data base record

Repository:Smithsonian Archives – History Div

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The secured credit cards tend to be specific style of cards which are released against security. Generally checking account or else a few other collateral comes in image whenever providing a secured card. A limit of secured credit card is very much corresponding to value or amount for sale in security. It is primarily unusual to have credit better than this quantity with secured charge card.

The secured bank cards choices tend to be exercised usually by people that have the bad credit history & score in order to get it right back on the track. Credit giving organizations, inquire for collateral simply because they look for offering bank cards to men and women very risky. Great utilization of the secured bank card can give card provider confidence to issue the unsecured credit card in title.

The great thing to need because of the secured credit cards is they have to report the spending habits to 3 primary credit rating companies. Strange but right, only a few the cardholders generally speaking do this. Unless function is they’re in secured credit card, and it’ll be of small use for starters trying to employ it for reconstructing their credit rating.

Although guaranteed bank cards are already been linked with collateral, they’ve a few fees & terms this is certainly connected with it. Prior to going for card, men and women should check different APR’s related to card. If secured prices annual fee, candidate must try to get one with least expensive level of the attention prices & yearly fees. Billing period & grace duration allowed for repayments should be calculated. Suffering with bad credit situation, final thing can help you with secured card is using profit advance with that, because cash advance attracts large interest rates & cash loan fees.

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