Saturday, October 21, 2017

What Identity Thieves Do With Your Identity?

Once identity thieves have obtained your personal information there are many things they can do to commit fraud. Many people think of identity theft as only financial. There are actually many other types of identity theft that can ruin your good name, costing you time and money. Here is what identity thieves are doing with your identity:
Obtaining a Driver’s License or Government Identification
Using these fraudulent identifications identity thieves can buy or lease vehicles. They can rent a house or an apartment. They can open a new phone in your name and run up the charges. They can even obtain utility services such as electricity, heating and cable television in your name.
Obtain Employment and Government Benefits
Using your Social Security number identity thieves can gain employment, reporting income under your name. They can obtain Social Security income, disability, Medicare, Medicaid and other government assisted programs.
Obtain Health Benefits or Extortion
Identity thieves can use your medical information for health insurance, prescription drugs or Medicare. Not to mention your private information contained in your medical records can be used to extort you or publicly embarrass you, with the threat of disclosing personal information.
Commit a Crime Using Your Name
Identity thieves commit crimes in your name. If they get a ticket and use your personal information, you get served a warrant when the ticket isn’t paid. If they use your identity when arrested and then do not show up for court you get served a warrant as well.
Obtain Cash or Credit
Identity thieves open up new credit cards in your name and max them out. They can obtain checks or make counterfeit checks using your personal information. They can take out loan in your name and even up new bank accounts and write bad checks.
These are some of the common types of crimes identity thieves commit using your personal information. Identity thieves today can easily ruin you credit and good name, making your day to day life a nightmare trying to fix all the damage done.

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