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Dexter Evans life was a nightmare during the last 12 years…He’s been denied the United states fantasy he worked so difficult to try and attain.

Evans claims, “I feel completely betrayed because of the system most of us have of the computer systems when you yourself have a, B, and c in position how will you miss it.”

Here’s what Evans and Harris County detectives state the machine missed – this man: 36 year-old Edgar Linares. Based on the sheriff’s company Linares for some reason obtained Evans personal safety quantity back 2001 and produced his own American fantasy.

“the next thing i understand I get letters in my own P.O. field from Capital One saying I owe 00 and 00 and I call Conn’s I have one account he’s got 8 reports,” states Evans.

And that is not the kicker – Evans also discovered Linares purchased this residence in Harris County back 2001 now respected at 0,000. Detectives say that home was bought under Linares’ name but using Evans social safety quantity.

Lt. Jeff Stauber says, “the guy admitted the truth that he utilized this number the social safety number that has beenn’t his he knew it wasn’t his it didn’t are part of him yet he however tried it.”

Detectives believe Linares found its way to The united states illegally and because he had no personal security quantity he used Evans…Lt. Stuber claims it is not unusual particularly in a city that draws undocumented workers whom tend to stay making Houston residence.

Stauber states, “we get numerous identity thefts and folks utilizing personal protection figures that do not have unique to get tasks.”

In Linares’ instance getting over ,0000 in credit and a property…Evans who had been rejected a checking account because Linares already had one at a local bank really wants to understand how an intricate financial system in United states could enable this to happen.

Lt. Stuber says it happened at any given time whenever home loan fraud was rampid in America and Harris County…Lenders had been just plastic stamping approval letters and he feels that is exactly how Linares managed to get a mortgage from Wells Fargo Bank without concerns requested.

“In essence the loan was obtained under untrue pretenses so it’s not a good loan,” claims Stauber.

However for today Linares along with his family stays into the Harris County residence…That’s after he was booked and faced with false declaration to get credit…As for Evans he life in a condo and pushes a beat-up truck because he says their credit was large jacked.

“in the situation like we said he done performed every thing fraudulent and produced an innovative new life for yourself plus family members that is destroying another family,” says Evans.

Evans also says he’s searching for assistance from lawyer to simply help him tidy up their credit and title.

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