Saturday, October 21, 2017

Manish Sinha, Asia Nation Chief, Equifax

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Professional Chapter 5 - Equifax Reports

Equifax Canada assembles credit information from most of the banks, trusts, credit card companies, renting companies and many other reporting industries within one report. You’ll need a CMB Worksheet signed just before requresting an Equifax Report online.

Below are a few Guidelines

1. You can not offer a duplicate regarding the Equifax Report to your clients, and you’ll send your clients to Equifax Canada when they want a copy.

2. You can’t pull an Equifax Report by yourself mortgage package, but request your Broker of Record to request one for your mortgage offer.

3. get CMB Worksheet offered, in case your file is audited by Equifax Canada.

4. constantly review your Equifax Report together with your client to be sure the information regarding the report is accurate. Everything regarding the Equifax Report affects the beacon score.
Movie Rating: / 5


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