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Important Notes on Credit Fraud

Like any other thing, the credit system is one which if not fully understood and rightly managed could backfire and cause problems to anyone. Because it is directly involved in the financial aspect of one’s life, there should be extra effort put in realizing its value. Unfortunately, no matter how well you manage your credit standing; there are people out there who still manage to take advantage.

Credit losses

Statistics show that people’s financial losses in the United States are attributed to credit card fraud and identity theft. Many people claim the advantages and the convenience of credit cards and other types of credit. This is the reason it isn’t shocking to find the credit system as the breeding ground for different kinds of frauds and scams. Although a huge bulk of losses could be attributed to defaults, when you become the victim, you would have to struggle against the inconveniences. Like higher prices and interests.

Types of Credit Fraud

One of the best defenses you can have against credit fraud is familiarizing yourself with how they work. In general, “credit fraud” is used to refer to the purchase of good or services using any type of credit with the intentions of not paying up. This could take the form of either one of the following:

Identity theft – When you start building a credit, you would have to disclose personal information in your application to different kinds of credit. More than that, the same kind of information is also used in the credit report. Because of this, if you are not careful in the release of information, other people can use your information hence your identity to commit credit fraud and even other crimes.

Identity assumption – This is similar to identity theft; however, this poses to be a bigger problem because the person who commits the fraud takes advantages of your identity for the longest time. In other words, you as the victim suffer more of the consequences of identity theft in an extended span of time.

Fraud spree – Finally, the most common form of credit fraud happens when someone gets hold of your credit account and uses it without your authorization.

How credit fraud happens

There could be many instances that could trigger the birth of a fraud. As you might have already figured out, credit begins when thieves get hold of your personal information that determines your credit accounts. Therefore, you should by all means guarantee the security of the information you release. Other than that, here are some tips to prevent credit fraud.

Don’t let your eyes off your credit card

* Always check your mailbox, as thieves could steal information from your mail.

* Be alert and aware of your environment when you make transactions.

* Be wary and don’t entertain unsolicited emails and phone calls.

* Do your research on the people you transact with, make sure that they are genuine and legal.

* Have another means of disposing trash that could contain information about your credit; thieves can go all the way checking your trash to get what they need.

Are you a victim?

The following are signs that you could be a victim of credit fraud:

Your credit report contains inquiries and information on accounts you did not open,

Billing statements that contain charges that you are not familiar with, bills from unfamiliar sources, calls from creditors and collecting agencies.

Of course, you would know what’s wrong with you credit report and your credit activity if you regularly check on your accounts. can help you get your credit report other than providing the useful information you need regarding credit report in general and credit report fraud. Visiting the website is the first step you can take to be educated about the credit system and the things about it you should not forget.

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