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How many credit bureaus do credit card companies pull when they approve you for credit cards?

Carl the Credit Guy answers: How many credit bureaus do credit card companies pull when they approve you for credit cards?

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Quick Tip Tuesday #1 – November 10, 2015

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In this video I talk about credit score hacks that are so simple and very few people think to use it to increase their credit score.

I highly recommend that you use this in combination with actually paying down your credit cards.

Here is how it works!

The credit bureaus put a large importance on the amount you owe.

It’s actually on your debt ratio.

Your debt ratio is the amount you owe compared to the amount you have available to borrow as a percentage.

If you have 4 credit cards with a ,500 credit limit on each you have ,000 available in credit.

If you owe a total of ,000 across all 4 credit cards, your debt ratio is 40%.

This kills your credit score because the credit bureaus like to see your debt ratio to be under 30%.

I like to see it at 0%!

We don’t need to be paying these crooks any more interest than we have to!

Reducing Your Credit Ratio FAST

Most people think the only way to lower their debt ratio and
increase their credit score is to pay down the debt.

That is ONE way, but it is NOT the ONLY way.

If you have the money to pay the debt down…DO IT!!

If you don’t have the cash right now and need to increase your credit score so you can lower interest rates or do whatever else a good credit score allows you to do, then try the following technique.

Call all of your credit card companies and ask for an increase in your credit limit…

That’s it!

It’s that simple.

Now, it is going to depend on your situation as to whether or not they are going to do this. If you are a complete credit disaster, it is not likely they are going to help you dig any deeper.

Let’s see what happens if you are able to get each company to increase your limits to ,000 each. This may not happen, but the worse they can say is no.

You total credit limit will now be 4 X ,000 or ,000 total.

If you still have ,000 outstanding debt, your debt ratio is now 20%, and you haven’t come out of pocket a single penny!

The credit bureaus will increase your credit score within the next 30 days or so.

You may have to increase your limits over time while paying down your debt, but this can help you supercharge your credit score in a hurry and help you reduce unnecessary expenses.

Good luck and comment below to let us know how it goes!
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