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Image from page 245 of “Annual report of the Bureau of Statistics and Ideas of Maryland” (1909)

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Image from page 245 of “yearly report regarding the Bureau of Statistics and Suggestions of Maryland” (1909)
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Identifier: annualreportof1909mary
Title: Yearly report associated with the Bureau of Statistics and Information of Maryland
12 Months: 1909 (1900s)
Writers: Maryland. Bureau of Statistics and Information
Publisher: Bureau of Statistics and Information of Maryland
Contributing Library: University of Maryland, University Park
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Users and Sloan Foundation

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H 0 00*0 05 «© lO i-H 05 00 (N I—we CO oooooooooooooooooooooooooo222220OC)Ooooooooiooooooooooo__o o_^o_^o__o_^c__o_^o^o_^o_^o_^o o_^o o o o-o o_^o__o 0_0__0_^i0_^ IC rfTo Ooioo~o~croiooo~oo0 t>~irf iO~o~i–rocO~oo~oc<r(Mr-iiOOO(MiOT—( 1—lOarHioiOO 1—I O i-H iO(MiO«^ O (N I-H CO (M lO I-H OOOt^0_^C5_ coo 05C0CO CD ^ H DCCO <) c fl a o3 cj o3

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aj.tJ ^ o3 «-i >-J> r= T3 r-i = ^ 2 9 Q,^ S•Id » a -a o 43 • ^ ^ o a t—I-t-> v-t-> o H STATISTICS AND INFORMATION. THE COUNTIES 231 of 193 brand new incorporations when you look at the counties, with atotal capitalization of ,098,170, including 2 finance companies and3 building and loan organizations, Baltimore County leadsin point of number, with 45 to its credit, and a totalcapitalization of ,465,000, while Anne Arundel Countyleads in money stock, with ,611,000 for 7 brand-new incor-porations, and Allegany comes third, with 26 brand-new incor-porations and 4,300 money stock, with Frederick,Prince George, Washington, Carroll, Wicomico and Mont-gomery next inside purchase known as. Here recapitulation by counties offers thenumber of brand new incorporations in each, aided by the amountof money stock. RECAPITULATION with COUNTIES. NAME Date of Capital [Incorporations Stock 26 $ 984,300 00 7 1,611,000 00 45 1,465,000 00 3 74,000 00 10 52,000 00 4

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Image from page 63 of “A pronouncing gazetteer and geographical dictionary for the Philippine Islands, united states with maps, charts and pictures” (1902)
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Identifier: pronouncinggazet00unitrich
Title: A pronouncing gazetteer and geographic dictionary of this Philippine isles, usa with maps, maps and illustrations
12 Months: 1902 (1900s)
Writers: United States. Bureau of Insular Affairs United Says. 57th Congress (1st session, 1901-1902) Keim, De B. Randolph (De Benneville Randolph), 1841-1914
Topics: Philippines — details and travel Gazetteers Philippines — Politics and government 1898-1935
Publisher: Washington, Govt. printing. down.
Adding Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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99,450 sq. kms., equal to 38,250 sq. m. The Gazetteerfigures, as shown in associated tables, give Mindanao, includingthe mainland and 258 dependent countries, 46,721 sq. m. j The great area of Samar is credited because of the atlas known withj13,054 sq. kms., or 5,040 sq. m. The official Spanish census gives|Samar 13,471 sq. kms., or 5,181 sq. m. The Gazetteer figures give theimainland 5,198 sq. m. and 148 reliant countries 290 sq. m., or a totailof 5,488 sq. m. The atlas known puts the whole section of the archipelago at309,615 sq. kms., or 119,542 sq. m. The Spanish census of 1887 givesthe numbers at 288,166 sq. kms., or 110,064 sq. m. The very carefully figuredaggregate and itemized places tabulated within Gazetteer tv show 127,853sq. m. Until medical computations based on real studies and not continned speculation can be found, the Gazetteer numbers is regardedat least as an approximation of reliability therefore the most useful provided. @(o)&(o)HS^5L ^W^^Ii5M^ @^ ^3 W(o)5IlIL]

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GAZETTEEE ASSOCIATED WITH PHILIPPINE ISLANDS. Nearby colonial possessions of various other nations. [Comparative view of territories and populations possessed because of the Western nations inside areas ofthe globe surrounding the Philippine Islands.] Area. Popula-tion. United States Of America: Philippine Isles . f^percentS 6,975,073 112,002 6,082,310 Straits Settlements 1,472 26,500 84,000 30 512,342 418,527 4,930,000 Hongkong Asia ^ . … 221,441 243,240 16,600,000 Tonkin . . 60,190125,48067,570 7,500,000 5,400,000 3,700,000 Portugal: 30 78,000 Germany 10,318 148,200 1801583701904209,000 13,000 Marshall Islands … . Caroline isles 33,0003,000 Marianas Islands 10,200 89,000 628,000 33,892,000 50,500184,000212,70071,40043,80065,600 25,700,000 Borneo 1 180 000 Celebes 1,998,000 400,000 smaller Sunda Islands 1,164,000 Hongkong includes 210,955 Chinese. Seat of sphere of impact. PHYSICAL QUALITIES. MOTJNTAINS. Overall the physical framework associated with Philippine Archipelago asto hills belongs to the succession of lo

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Image from web page 89 of “the state nationwide Collegiate Athletic Association baseball guide. The state rules guide and record guide of university baseball” (1907)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: officialnational10nation
Title: The Official National Collegiate Athletic Association baseball guide. The official rules guide and record book of college soccer
12 Months: 1907 (1900s)
Writers: National Collegiate Athletic Association. [from old catalog] American Intercollegiate Association. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Football
Publisher: New York [etc.] National Collegiate Athletic Bureau [etc.]
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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y,Shurtleff and Carthage universities. Monmouth won the championshipwith an unbroken string of victories, and their defeat of Illinois,Milliken and Lake woodland. Much can probably be said for macho playing of the various teams,reflecting much credit on the coaches, being obvious they had instilledinto their particular men the gentlemanly manner of conducting themselves.Although this didn’t in almost any way detract from aggressiveness ofthe game it added a lot toward look. A significant issue confronting the small colleges could be the problemof impartial oflicials. Because of the scarcity of resources into the variousathletic organizations it is extremely difficult to secure university males,or skilled non-residents, to officiate into the different contests. Inmany cases the lack of this causes ill-feeling to brood amongthe different schools, one staff feeling which they would not get a squaredeal whenever playing on the other side schools grounds. After that, there isthe tendency to retaliate on the return online game, and thus make mattersworse.

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1, Draper, Mgr.; 2, Munson; 3, Miller; 4, Diener; 5, Waldorf; 6. Hutzel;7, Eggeman; 8, Beacom; 9, Bracken, Capt.; 10, Sheehao; 11, Dolan; 12,Burvey; 13, Callicrate. COLLEGE OF NOTRE DAME. We , ^.^ ^ i i ^ f fr? i . ..fiaxJL ,^^**p 1 ^ m^mmm^^mi^-^* 5 6 7 »2 3 J4- i5 16 17 18 19 ^^ . ^ ■ jM 1, Siskind; 2, Coffey; 3. Carey, Mgr.; 4, McCabe; 5. Fitzpatrick; 6. Collard;7. Caspv; 8. Weireter; 9, H. Gargan, Capt.; 10, Barrett; 11. Cassasa; 12,Cloughen; 13. McCarthy; 14. Mahoney; 15, Tracey; 16. McDonald; 17. F.Gargan; 18, Shankey; 19, Orton. Mac, Picture. FORDHAM UNIVERSITY. NY. SPALDINGS OFFICIAL LEG BALL GUIDE. 71 it really is hoped that another period wont witness this difficultyand the various groups would be allowed to contest the gamesand perhaps not the officials. For-instance, in a specific game final autumn, ateam had been penalized twenty yards for just one of the people havingaccidentally encounter the umpire while attempting to handle the opposingrunner. The umpire was officiating for the residence

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